That's Done, What's Next?

Last Sunday the drama group presented the story of Elijah.

The dragon turned out very nicely and there were only a few hiccups in its design. All were worked out by the performance. Personally, I am glad it is over.

I learned that I do just fine when I have backstage responsibilities. The insanity of 15-20 children of varying ages attempting to listen (or not) and work together (or not) does not bother me much when I am backstage handling props, lighting, special effects, sound, whathaveyou. As soon as I am onstage the cacophony of all of those individual creatures drives me berserk. I get grumpy and start being snappish (or worse) with the children who can not seem to pay attention and/or be quiet when that is needed. Not pretty.

So it's over now and I have learned a valuable lesson.

The next couple of weeks are already filling up with other important activities.

  • Tomorrow we go as a group of housemates to get a Christmas tree for the house.
  • Sunday we are responsible for bringing snack for both of my children's classes and we are responsible for overseeing the toddler room.
  • Monday entails returning DVDs to the library and registering my daughter for a toddler art class.
  • And then there is Christmas prep to do. The children need to be helped to finish their presents to extended family. I need to get cracking on making pajama bottoms and buying shirts to go with them. We all need to figure out stocking stuffers for each of our housemates. And I need to figure out what I am going to make/give to my husband and get the children to think of something to give to him as well.
  • Oh, and we'll need to do a little Christmas shopping for the kids on behalf of far-away extended family.
  • And sometime in there, I have an appointment with my midwives. It's a good thing their secretary calls the day ahead to remind one of one's appointment.
  • Then comes Christmas and our house brunch. Then all manner of craziness for twelve days including our second annual New Year's at Noon party for small children and their parents (this year held on New Year's Day since the Eve is on a Sunday).

I'm tired already!


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