Catching Up

Saturday most of my housemates and I went tree-hunting. We drove to a tree farm just past historic Fort Langley. It was fine. There was still snow on the ground, so that made cutting down the tree less than pleasant, but there was a little fire and seats to warm up by and a refreshment stand that sold hot chocolate for $1 and hot dogs for $1.50. Pretty reasonable, thankfully.
After we left the tree farm we stopped in town at a fish and chips place and had lunch together. All in all we had a good time going on this adventure.

Presently the tree is outside getting used to being cut. One of my housemates has cooked up a large batch of tree food which is supposed to keep it happier longer. The tree should be moved inside in the next day or so.

On Sunday, my friend who just had her baby dropped off a bag of maternity tops. This was a huge blessing since I have been steadily growing out of my non-maternity clothes and my own maternity wardrobe is somewhat slim.

Today I have been rediculously productive. I had laundry sorted and one load in the wash before 8AM. The children and I took the DVDs back to the library and signed my daughter up for a toddler art class (we have to wait until next month to register my son for ice skating lessons). We then had a muffin and carried on our way with a bit of grocery shopping. We came home, the kids goofed around on the computer, we all ate lunch, and then did the nap routine. Fortunately, my husband came home briefly to help with naps, otherwise I don't think both would be sleeping at this point. With the children sleeping, I was able to wash all of our dishes and move laundry unassisted.

I should lay out the fabric and pattern pieces for the kids' Chistmas pajama pants, but I am not certain that I have that much energy left.


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