This morning I woke up, showered, and dressed nicely (for a change). Then I was off to church (two doors down) to set up the sound equipment. There were some technical difficulties, but none due to my ineptitude, hallelujah! My friend spoke (gave the sermon? preached?) and everything was fairly normal until she had everyone practice saying, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake." Our culture doesn't encourage us to admit fault.

In the afternoon, I attended a clothing swap. Talk about fun! What could be better than gathering about 15 to 20 women and their unwanted clothes in one space and allowing everyone to have at it and take what they wish? I scored a new pair of pink-tinged brown trousers, a thick rose sweater, a dark pink long-sleeved t-shirt, and a hot pink singlet. I didn't intend to bring home more pink clothes. I had hoped for blues and greens, but there were none that suited me.

Back at home, my husband and I watched our housemates' son so they could have a couple of hours together, then had dinner and worked at putting children to bed - a tiring endeavor always.

Now things are quiet again. A few housemates are in the basement watching a silly Adam Sandler movie and my husband and I are sitting side by side at the table working on our Advent calendar (OK, I am taking a break from Advent by blogging, but as soon as I hit "publish post", it's nose to the grindstone time.)


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