Let the Dragon-making Begin!

One of the things I do with my *cough* spare time is participate/volunteer with a dramatic group at my church. This fall/winter we are presenting the story of Elijah. We have a Chinese theme throughout the presentation (we have a number of Chinese members - one of whom wrote an original piece of music for this storytelling).

At two points in the story, a Chinese-New-Year-Parade-style dragon will come on stage representing fire. Guess who is making the body of this dragon? Yep.

Actually, I am pretty excited about it. I don't have to make the head - someone else is making it out of a cardboard box and chicken wire and papier-mache and paint. I have the task of making the body which will be danced around by seven various people (ranging in age from 42 to 4). I have a plan and I have the fabrics, trim, thread, and plastic tubing. Now all I need is an enormous work surface and a little peace and quiet.

Hoo, boy.

Did I mention that the presentation is a week from Sunday? Yikes!


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