The day in review

5:00 AM - Toss and turn and fail at shaking a vivdly detailed, fairly dark, disturbing dream.

7:00 AM - Wake up tired, grumpy, and, well, disturbed. I also woke up without a plan for the day - always a bad sign. Grumpiness being contagious, my darling children pick up on my unpleasantness and turn it into their own forms of unpleasant - contrariness for the eldest, clinginess for the youngest. I become further irritated and we, as a threesome, essentially spend the entire day feeding each other's irritability.

1:30 PM - The children do not nap. I do not nap.

3:30 PM - Having made it to this point in the day, I schlep my children to a friend's house where they will hopefully play pleasantly in my absence. I attend the practice for a theatre group at my church.

6:00 PM - I return home refreshed and revitalized to find my kids just barely hanging on to consciousness. My husband and I take them down to the kitchen in the hopes of feeding them enough to allow them to sleep peacefully all through the night. They are served cream of wheat. Afterward we whisk them upstairs and get them ready for bed.

7:30 PM - Children are in bed and very nearly asleep. My husband eats dinner, I goof around on the computer and eat my own dinner later while he is working. This is not typical behavior for us.

10 :30 PM - I'm about to head for bed, but I realize that we do not have a plan for the day tomorrow. I am going to need to interrupt my husband to make a plan so tomorrow isn't as shot as today was.


Esbee said…
Oh, sweetheart. :(

I have to have something around which to plan our day, too, even if it's just an activity at an undetermined time, like "Take a walk and collect pretty leaves in the morning."

Better Saturday, honey.

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