Beginning...The Day in Review

6:25 AM - My young daughter crawled into bed with me and snuggled down cozily (not typical behavior). Gradually an odor broke through my senses, at which point I sighed, rolled toward my husband, and whispered, "She's poopy." To which my husband sighed and dragged himself out of bed and began his day changing the soiled diaper of an unwilling toddler. I was able to sleep for an additional hour.

10:00 AM - After a generally peaceful morning (during which, my daughter pooped a second time and was finally ready to eat breakfast), I tossed the kids into the double stroller, threw the rain cover over them and schlepped them to our good friend's house a few blocks away. There the children played and fought, I held my friend's newborn, and my friend ran around doing things that are difficult to do without two free hands. We then took the kids to the nearby park, played freeze tag (more or less) and Simon Says (again, more or less). We returned to their house for lunch and then headed for home.

3:30 PM - I was a good mom and made the alphabet out of play-dough at my son's request while my daughter drew/wrote.

4:30 PM - My housemate and her son needed to get out of the house, and I had a couple of errands to run, so we left all together. We returned nearly an hour later having visited the post office, the art store, a funky clothes shop where the kids got new toques, the bank, and a bakery.

6:30 PM - Dinner made by another housemate, which I couldn't eat because it was an "all-together" dish. Something about my pregnancy right now prevents me from being able to eat things that are cooked all together.

7:30 PM - Bedtime for my son who had no nap.

8:30 PM - Bedtime for my daughter.

9:00 PM - House meeting. Items on the agenda: cooking and chores.


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